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Now using our PBX Phone System you can have all of the features of the best telephone and voicemail systems, with no extra equipment to buy, maintain or outgrow. Ours is a PBX system, wherein the equipment is maintained by us. All the advanced functionalities of a standard PBX system are provided to you as a service through our server.

Our PBX Phone System is a full-featured telephone system with an auto attendant to answer all calls and provides options to the caller including dial-by-extension, dial-by-name, call transfer with find me follow me call forwarding, voicemail, and much more. Our PBX is VoIP compatible.

If desired, our PBX phone system can be configured to utilize your current voicemail, for example, transferring calls to your cell phone and letting the call roll into your cell phone voicemail if not answered.

You can forward an existing local number to the PBX phone system, obtain a new local number from us, or use an existing or new toll free number. We want to help your business grow, not force you to change your number!

Sample company outgoing greeting (what your callers would hear first):

Thank you for calling [company name]

If you know your parties extension, you may dial it at anytime (i.e. extension 11, 12, 13).

For a name directory, Press    (dial by name)

To leave a general message for the front desk, Press    (to general mailbox)

For ____________, Press    (to find-me number then voicemail)
For ____________, Press    (to find-me number then voicemail)
For ____________, Press    (to find-me number then voicemail)
For ____________, Press    (to find-me number then voicemail)

This greeting will now repeat, to allow you more time to make your selection.
The above can be customized to your needs, with the extensions being departments, individual staff members, information only or any combination.

Key features of our PBX Phone System include: voice mail, voice to email, fax, fax to email, caller ID, call screening, multiple find-me/hunt numbers, 1-4 digit extensions, dial by name, dial by extension, music on hold, web administration, custom menus, daytime/after hours menus, call transfer, e-mail message delivery, cell phone message notify, pager notify, do not disturb, and temporary forwarding of messages.         

If the caller enters an extension they will be prompted to stay on the line while their call is transferred. If you answer you will have the opportunity to accept/reject the call.  After accepting a call you can transfer the caller back to voice mail or to another extension. If the lines are busy or not answered the caller will hear the voice mail greeting for that extension and be able to leave a message. Or, we can set it so the calls roll into cell phone voice mail, your preference.

Each new voice message will be e-mailed to the voice mailbox user’s e-mail address, so they can click/listen through their desktop computer speakers and/or, we can send a brief e-mail text message to their cell phone, letting them know a new message is waiting. See descriptions below. You can also check messages from any touch-tone telephone.



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